“You have the Powers to Transform Your World”

Jean-Pierre Polanen

This Guide to your future will provide you with unique insights and practical methods, to accelerate your development and become a more successful and impactful human being in this increasingly complex 21st Century. To improve not only your own wellbeing, but also that of the world around you: your family, your neighbours, your community, your country and even humanity as a whole.

Yes, you were born with the powers to achieve all that!  These powers are Vision, Character&Health and Leadership. Powers waiting to be developed, to be used for the good of yourself and your environment. Any time is a good time to start this exciting journey of personal growth, health, happiness and success. And with the knowledge available at your fingertips in the 21st century, you can improve much faster than previous generations! Whatever your age, wherever you are, you can start to significantly transform yourself and your Society, instead of letting Society transform you or limit you.

The choice is yours! As per an old Chinese saying:

“He who attends to his Greater Self becomes a great man, and he who attends to his smaller self becomes a small man”    

Mencius (327-289BC) Chinese Confucian philosopher who has often been described as the “Second Sage”, that is, after only Confucius himself. Author of the book “The Mencius”.

or according to a visionary Hungarian scientist:

“Sunlight will be used as a source of energy sooner or later. Why wait?”

Mária Telkes (1900-1995) Hungarian-American biophysicist, scientist and inventor who worked on solar energy technologies.   She received numerous awards –was also called “The Sun Queen” – and was induced to the US National Inventors Hall of Fame.


Global Praise for


 “This book truly inspires you to develop a strong Vision and Character and make an Impact in the World, whatever your situation”

Yemen –  Tawakkol Karman- Journalist- Nobel Peace Prize Winner-  Top Global Thinker (“Foreign Policy” Top 100 Global Thinker List)


“A remarkable effort to provide an encompassing view on the relationship between an individual and the world. Jean-Pierre Polanen provides a multi-dimensional approach in which on a theoretical level Sustainable Development Goals are combined with Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics and modern literature on Leadership. On a pragmatic level exercises are provided to help the reader make a next step in transforming themselves and their world”

Netherlands – drs. Jan Visser – Management Consultant and Theologian


“There are tremendous insights to be gained from reading this comprehensive book. Written against a backdrop of a 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, it gives the reader an in-depth understanding of how exceptional Leadership can be developed, in a context of global challenges. Jean-Pierre Polanen has put great effort into inspiring both academics and professionals, leading towards a more conceivable world of tomorrow”
Suriname - Arleen G. Emanuels

PhD., MBA, Managing Director AGE Consultancy

“Practical solutions for people who want to make a difference and deliver a Vision that is bigger than themselves. An olive branch of togetherness in turbulent times”
United Kingdom - James Sandfield

Author, The Joy of Standards

“This unusual book awakened in me the need to go deeper, to take time to understand how the world and the people around me work and to better understand the Why’s- not only in a logical but in a spiritual way as well” 
Hungary - Nóra Gerencsér

HR Director and Certified International Coach