Jean-Pierre Polanen

Business Expert / trainer

Jean-Pierre Polanen was born in Suriname, South-America (1965), with ancestors from India, Africa, China and Europe. He grew up in the Netherlands and Suriname and obtained chemical engineering (Ir) -, business administration (MBA)- and procurement (CPM, CPSM) degrees in the Netherlands (Delft Technical University), UK (Heriott-Watt University) and USA (Institute for Supply Management)

In a 30-year expat career he took up operations management- and leadership positions for Japanese, Swiss and Malaysian petrochemical- and food multinationals, living in the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Japan, Latin-America, The Caribbean and Central &Eastern Europe. He spent many years in Hungary managing factories for Nestlé Hungary and is fluent in Hungarian, English, Dutch, French and Spanish. He also cofounded and manages the  Dutch Trading Company RioTex.

 As Operations Manager he collaborated with expert companies such as McKinsey & Company, Kepner Tregoe, EFESO Consultants and Ad-Sidera and was trained by the London Business School. For a complete resumé, see Linkedin Profile.

While experiencing this diversity of cultures and societies, Jean-Pierre developed a great interest in human development, as well as in philosophy and spirituality. From age 50 he took up a daily (kriya) yoga and meditation practice and certified as a Lifestyle Medicine (Ayurveda) therapist, discovering new ways to grow and transform as a human being. He also gained a reputation as a jockey who represented Suriname (2017- 2018- 2019)   with  success in the international Arabian horse race during the famous yearly “Nemzeti Vágta” equestrian event in Budapest,  Hungary. In 2019 he represented Suriname at the first World Horse Culture Forum in Hohhot, China. 

Jean-Pierre now lives with his wife and two sons in Hungary, where he lectures in Lean Operations Management, Organisational Behaviour and Leadership at the University of Miskolc. In 2020 he  launched  TRANSFORM YOUR WORLD the  21st Century Leadership- and Lifestyle Medicine Training Company, to support (Future) Leaders & Managers to live healthy, successful and impactful lives.

For Resume see: Linkedin Profile

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